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Kids Art Supply Organization

Looking for a way to organize kid art supplies?

I was.

It was time to get the loose stickers off the ground and all the markers without caps thrown away.

You see, we once had an organization system for art supplies, and quite frankly, that system was no longer working. It was broken and needed to be fixed before someone slipped on a stapler.

So here we are, all tidied up and ready to rock and roll.

Quick and Easy Breakfast Invitation

You know when you have these moments where you preschooler REALLY gets it?

Like, adrenalin rush, super excited to complete the task?

It all began with Color Sort on our Breakfast Invitation Cards.

As my preschooler eagerly sorted shades of blue and different shades of green, it led to a couple questions.

“Which shade of blue is the darkest?”

“Which shade of blue is the lightest?”

And Whamo! - This quick and easy Breakfast Invitation was born. Quick and easy, use what you already own.

Retell Room On The Broom

Not only does this story get better with every read (I credit this to the rhythm and rhyming throughout the story), but it is a fun storyline of how to be kind, compassionate and helpful. Here is an easy to make preschool activity to enhance your preschoolers storytelling.