All in Counting Bears

Your Holiday Gift Guide; Toys that Grow WITH Your Kids

We've been there. 

Baby number one, buy all the things. 

Baby number two, buy some of the things. 

Baby number three, start giving the things away. 


With three children ages almost 5, 3.5, and 17 months, I am here to show you the best of the best for you holiday gift list.

As a mom of three, I've had a chance to really see what one-year-olds love and what the four-year-olds still play with. 


Bring the Bears Home - Simply the best Breakfast Invitation

Inside: Left to right progression activities for children. 

These color counting/sorting bears are a hot commodity. 

Sorting? Grab the bears. 

Counting? Yup, bears again. 

Left to right progression? Boom. Bears again.

Bring those little guys home. 

My point is, these bears are in our top ten supplies for kids. 

And that doesn't surprise me. When I was a teacher, these counting bears were also a power play when it came to learning. Counting and sorting is just a little more fun when these bears are included. 

So here it is. Our most popular Breakfast Invitation for left to right progression.