About Me 

Atlanta Mom Blogger

I’m Beth! The mom behind the lens of three active preschoolers.

I’m a regular mom with a background in education, a passion for hands-on learning, and a giant pile of laundry accumulating wrinkles on my bed.

If you are new here, you will quickly realize that mornings were not my jam.

I needed to find a solution where everyone wasn’t pulling on my pant legs or cranky from watching too much morning television.

I wanted something more for our family.

I wanted a morning routine that mattered.

So with that, I created Breakfast Invitations; the simple way to implement play at home so you can drink your coffee in peace every morning. You can read all about them HERE.

Over time, Breakfast Invitations, Sensory Play, and simple ideas to hang with your preschoolers began to catch on.

Days with Grey reaches over 100,000 families in 90+ countries worldwide. We lead our followers in simple play ideas that help expand children’s thinking and communication skills. 

You can see us in June Parents Magazine, and July People Magazine.

My brain won’t shut off when it comes to preschool activities, so I invite you to join me and reap what I have to share.

Together, we can better understand these little humans that have given us the life we never knew existed.