In 2001, I began teaching. I loved being an educator. Now that I am a parent, I love being a mom. I am making the most of every day, and reminding myself to embrace the small moments we have together. Grey and Hayes inspire me every day. I thrive on being motivated and am confident my experience with education can inspire. 

I am not saying that it is always easy.

This picture, for example was taken after waiting day after day for the "right" photo opt. You know the one I mean. The one where I am wearing mascara and my white, summer jeans. I also have on the Anthropologie tank that I have been waiting to wear. But, then I finally realize, this is me. And love it. This is the no makeup, hair in a bun, me. The every. day. me. that loves being with my family.  

My wheels are always turning about how to integrate educational opportunities throughout the day through play.  Please join me in sharing my love and passion for our education, fitness and rearranging furniture so often that I can claim it design. 


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My goal with Days with Grey is to share ideas with you that will enhance your preschooler's BIG world. Ideas are efficient, and usually require little to no set up.

Days with Grey focuses on social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. 

I combine everyday playful moments with educational rational. We love being outside and often find ways to incorporate future Kindergarten benchmarks into what we are already doing.  The goal is to encourage exploration and guide your preschooler with extensions to their play. 

You will see that most blog posts match up with upcoming standards for Kindergarten. This is to gain an understanding of what will be expected as your preschooler prepares for Kindergarten. I also focus many of my activities around the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. 

* Please remember that all children master skills at their own pace. This content is used to introduce your child to what they will have to master in Kindergarten. Toddlers and Preschools do not need to master these skills from the first time it is introduced.  Please use this site as an introduction to new concepts.