31 Days of Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Hello, October! I welcome you and your pumpkins with open arms.

If Halloween is your jam, I have got the post for you. I searched the web (so you don’t have to) for this complete collection of Halloween fun.

I also wanted to make your days quick and easy with a PDF Halloween idea list located at the bottom of this post.

But don’t worry! if 31 ideas for Halloween aren’t for you, print out the list and circle five activities to keep in your back pocket. You won’t be disappointed!

So without further ado…here are your next 31 days of Halloween activities to try with your preschooler.

Apple Sorting Activity

Need a sorting activity your two-year-old will love?

I did too!

As my two-year-old begins to sort and classify by color, it is important for me to remember he does not need to start by organizing the entire rainbow.

In fact, color sorting can be practiced by eliminating the quantity of colors, and making the quality of the activity meaningful.

Remember that time we sorted the apples? That’s right! Some of the apples were red, and the others were green! Next time we go to the store, let’s see if we can find any apples in another color. Do you think we will find any?

Remember, what may sound ultra simple for us adults, is actually pretty complex for the two-year-old.

50+ Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Depending on where you live, autumn is starting to creep into the air.

Over here in the south, it’s creeping at a snails pace, but we are welcoming the occasional zip up at the bus stop.

Morning walks before 9 that are not 90 degrees.

…and do I dare say it? - Planning this year’s Halloween costume. Here we were last year on our Instagram account. Nothing says DIY like these robot costumes. 😆

So what better way to welcome the new season, than the best autumn activities for toddlers!

I categorized these activities just the way I would picture you searching for Autumn ideas. Skip the endless GOOGLE search, and come directly here. I have found it all!

  • Autumn Sensory Play

  • Autumn Breakfast Invitations - Wait, what? Start Here.

  • Autumn STEAM ideas

  • Autumn story book retell ideas

  • Autumn books to read aloud

Apple Preschool Activity

It’s apple week at my son’s preschool and boy is he loving it!

Mom! Today I tasted a YELLOW apple! It was soooo good. I didn’t like the green one though…it was too sour.

Apple preschool activities have been such a hit that I wanted to carry the apple theme right on into our next Breakfast Invitation.

Think about it. Apples can be sorted, graphed, explored and tasted.

What’s not to love about that?!

Color Mixing Game

Truth is, this color mixing game began with mustard and ketchup.

Here we were, about to eat a hamburger and fries, when my four-year-old reminded me that if he mixes all the ketchup into the mustard, it makes orange.

So what better way to bring his discovery home by mixing red and yellow paint into a large storage bin.

It was quick. It was fun. It helped expand upon his hypothesis. The Scientific Method through play. - A brilliant way to get your preschooler to remember what they have learned.

How to Paint with your Two-Year-Old; Toddler Art Supplies you Need

You want to paint with your two-year-old, and curious how to start.

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been there.

I know that painting is an important part of self expression and color exploration, yet questions such as the following stump the process.

What kind of toddler art supplies do I use?

Is there a special paintbrush?

How do I keep the mess contained?

Good news!

Over the last four years, we have painted plenty. No table has been harmed, and in fact, the painting has actually calmed the chaos. GASP! I know!

Inside I will show you how to paint with your two-year-old involving minimal prep, along with the best toddler art supplies.

Water Play Table for Pouring

Have a child that likes to pour the milk? Start with this pouring station to help practice!

Children want to become independent.

Kids love to feel in charge.

Children need a chance to practice in an open environment without feeling like they may make a mistake.

Even better?

This pouring station is legit. All three of my boys (ages 2, 4, 5.5) wanted in asap - and it lasted until dinnertime. SCORE.

The Beginners Guide to Having a Food Allergy

Your child has a food allergy.

Your world just turned upside-down, and you may be feeling like you have no idea where to start.

I’ve been there too.

I remember the day the allergist confirmed my son had a food allergy.

I was so confused as to what a food allergy would even mean to my child. To me. To our family. What in the world is a food allergy and why am I now carrying this thing called an EPI pen?

I was so confused that I didn’t even notice the car backing out of a parking spot behind me.

That’s right. Just diagnosed food allergy, EpiPens, and now a fender bender. I was literally walking in circles trying to understand my next step.

And the good news?

I found the next step. And the next one after that, and I want to share these steps with you to help you feel less confused and less overwhelmed.

It may never become easy, but having a child with a food allergy will definitely become more manageable over time.

This guide will help you find your next step, and the one after that, upon learning your child has a food allergy.

Back to School - How to Celebrate the Teacher

Last week as my boys and I were shopping for back to school supplies, I found myself daydreaming about how fun the paperclips and new color selection of PaperMate pens looked. (None of which I needed.)

And that is when it hit me!

I placed the items in a basket, and included a simple note for the new teacher.

Thank you for taking care of Greyson this year. I appreciate all you do.

And that’s all I needed!

A small little something to help begin the new school year with a smile.

Scoop the Limes - Toddler Water Play

Scoop the Limes. - Also known as Grandma Bought too Many Limes at Costco and Now we Need to Find Some Uses.

It’s true.

Sometimes the best activities come from ideas that happen organically.

Here, my mom purchased more limes than she could account for.

Since the mission was to scoop and transfer, I also knew that no limes would be wasted. After water play, we used the limes in our next 37 glasses of soda water. 😆

Even better?

What happened as my boys played, was simply magical. We began the water play using a ladle, and finished up with some other fabulous variations. All taken from our outdoor storage bin, of course!

A Fun DIY Game

Let’s bring back the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe!

My rising Kindergartner loves strategy games.

He loves to think about his next move, and he also loves to win. - Which means he could use some practice losing.

Tic-Tac-Toe is a great way to practice both!