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Here is a fun, sorting activity that will also help your preschooler better understand which letters belong in their name. 

It will also help them understand the sequence of letters needed to build their name. You can find many activities like this on our Alphabet Activity Cards and Breakfast Invitations. 

Why Practice Name Construction with your Preschooler?

  • By Kindergarten, children will be asked to write their own name, recognizing that it must begin with a capital letter.

  • They will also be asked to recognize (and print) upper- and lower case letters.

This is a great game that you can use to work with your preschooler when recognizing the letters, and order of letters, in their name. 

Begin to practice name recognition with this DIY Name Construction Game. 

If you love NAME ACTIVITIES, you will also love our roundup here. 


  • Greyson has 7 letters in his name, so I drew 4 rows with 7 circles.

  • I also cut out 7 circles for 3 different colors.

  • I would later add one letter of his name to each circle.

Next, I added my preschooler's name. 

  • The first row of circles included all of the letters and was to remain uncovered.

  • The second row again included all of the letters of my preschooler's name, and would be used to match with the red circles.

  • The third row included the first letter, middle letter, and last letter and would match with the blue circles.

  • The last row included only the first and last letter of my preschooler's name.

Keep in mind:

  • Encourage left to right progression.

  • Encourage your child to recognize the repetition of letters in each row.

  • Encourage completing a color before moving to the next row.

  • Encourage remaining in letter order. G-r-e-y-s-o-n.

  • Use terms such as uppercase G, lowercase r, etc.

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Try these TWO other variations:

Post-it note name build:

name games for kids

Magnetic tile name build:

Place a Post-it on top of each magnetic tile. This is great for kinesthetic learners that need to touch and move!

name games for kids

Which name build will you try first?

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