Step Inside Hayes's Reading Nook and See What We are Reading This Halloween

Step Inside Hayes's Reading Nook and See What We are Reading This Halloween

Both Hayes and Grey have a sacred space that we read in nightly. There are no toys, no cars, trucks, or trains. Just a sweet little space filled with pillows, books and dim lighting. And this space is currently filled with the excitement of Halloween.

Today, we will step inside Hayes's tent and see what is on his Halloween reading list for "Toddler Friday". 

Room on the Broom 

Room on the Broom is my absolute favorite. Why? Because it gets better with EVERY read. This book has a fabulous rhyme and rhythm, along with a fun flow. Phrases repeat and your preschooler will soon catch on reading with you. 


Boo! is an adorable book that inspired my preschooler's desire to become a ghost this year. The pages are bright, colorful and attractive. Boo! also shares how the little ghost prepares for Halloween night.

Daniel Tiger

This one is a no brainer. What's not to love about Daniel Tiger? Special bonus, it's a lift the flap book!

Spookie Pookie 

We LOVE Spookie Pookie! This book has again inspired my preschooler's costume selection to dress Hayes up as a banana. If we do, is still to be determined, but I love the different assortment of costumes Pookie tries on to prepare for Halloween night. 

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! 

This sweet book is a great resource to begin discussing facial expressions as mouse carves different pumpkins for different feelings.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

This book is not particularly a Halloween book, but does offer the spider as the main character. It is a funny spin off to the traditional song that leads Itsy to an alternative when climbing up his spout. 

Where's Boo?

This is a short boardbook that demonstrates how pictures can sometimes fool you. 

Comment below.What's on your Halloween reading list? 


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