The ETSY Shop You'll Want to Add to Your Preschooler's Christmas List

The ETSY Shop You'll Want to Add to Your Preschooler's Christmas List

When I found MamaMayi on Etsy, I was instantly impressed. You will be too.

Jessica's shop, MamaMayi is stocked with ECO-friendly, Handmade Wooden Learning Toys, Toddler Games, and Infant Playthings inspired by Montessori and Waldorf Methodologies for Learning through Play and Connecting Through Play Experiences. Both of these methods believe in hands-on learning and creative play

Jessica's toys are are built to last, and grow with your little one. MamaMayi believes strongly in connecting through play, and they hope you'll welcome their handmade goodies into your home!

Her shop has toys and games for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids. There really isn't anything in this shop that makes me want to stop viewing. (As in, I should probably log off so I can continue writing this blog post...)

Today and Friday, we will feature TWO of our favorite games from her shop. You can also follow her on her website

Use the coupon code DAYSWITHGREY to receive 15% off your total purchase (excludes subscription bins) on the

When our two games arrived to our home, the packaging alone created excitement. Each game came individually wrapped with a cute storage bag.

Mama May i also includes a little card with each game that suggests ways the game can be used. This is especially helpful for caregivers without any background with early education. 

Preschool Make a Match Forest Game


The Make a Match Game Will Instantly Interest Your Preschooler.

Allow for time to just look at the wooden pieces before playing. My preschooler wanted to take them out of the bag, look at the forest animal, and name each one before playing.


Let your game be organic to your child's learning style and follow their lead.

The first game may just be:

  • Identifying Animals
  • Matching Pairs
  • Imaginary Pla
  • Talking about a time when you saw that particular animal with your preschooler

Remember the game is yours and will be for a long time. There is plenty of time to revisit the original intention of the game. 

I just LOVE that this memory game has animals we may not have come across yet in our daily conversation. Also,  Grey is a huge hiker so forest animals were a perfect fit for him.

This forest matching game includes:

Fox, Moose, Skunk, Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, Owl, Bear, Dear, Bird, Snail, Hedgehog

Next, I laid out the matching game for my preschooler to play. It was helpful that we had already played the DIY Family Matching Memory Game that we posted on DWG a while back.

Was my preschooler completely compliant on the traditional "you turn over only two to find a match?" NOPE!  But I will say, that he is gaining a better understanding of the traditional approach to a matching game every time. When he did get a match, he was SO excited. 

We also did not finish the game in one sitting. Remember, this is okay. It is important to teach your child perseverance, yes. But in preschool, keep in mind what their max amount of concentration time is. You can always aim for a minute more, the next time around. 

More on Mama May i

Check out some of my other favorite Preschool Games from Mama May i.  Be sure to read her explanations of how she designed and created each game. I love the Animal Action Reasoning!

Also, stay tuned for Friday when I post my favorite Toddler activity for Hayes! (almost 17 months)

Animal Action

Build a Rainstick

Beach Scavenger Hunt Cards

You can also follow Mama May i:

Instagram: mamamayishop

Facebook: mamamayishop 

Remember to use the coupon code DAYSWITHGREY to receive 15% off your total purchase (excludes subscription bins) on the







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