Transition From a Nursery to a Toddler's Bedroom

Transition From a Nursery to a Toddler's Bedroom

Recently, my toddler is becoming more of a BOY than a BABY.

I knew it was time to think about his interests and create a room that he continued to feel welcomed and comfortable to be in. A room that helped Hayes feel important, and one that reflected his personality.

I also knew that I had a limited budget, and needed to think about tweaks rather than a complete bedroom overhaul!

Take Some Time to Think About Your Toddler's Interests. 

Our toddler, Hayes, is just about 17 months. He is into anything with wheels. Since his preschool aged brother already has a room filled with trains, I decided to decorate Hayes's room with a transportation (like) theme. There are just small, subtle hints of trucks, tractors, and auto parts. 

Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact. 

For one, I switched out my baby's recliner for a toddler's reading tent. This was an important transition. As much as I love snuggling Hayes on the rocking chair, the truth is, he will soon grow out of the chair, yet will grow into the reading tent.

My goal was to make the tent as comfortable as possible that still allowed for a space for us to bond. 

Check out the beautiful tent options from The quality is impressive, and the tepees are priced less than most big retail stores! Their fabrics are unique to their shop, but can also be custom made. 

Details Inside:

*Keep in mind, I am a big believer in no toys in the tent. I want to raise readers. Our house is FILLED with toys. I believe the bedroom needs to be a place of relaxation without the clutter of toys. This also keeps their bedroom much neater than any other room in the house. And as the home housekeeper, one less messy room makes me very happy! 

Star paper lights from Target

Sleeping Space: 

This blue canvas came from Hobby Lobby. It also hung about Hayes's bed in his nursery. To update the artwork, I added these letters from Hobby Lobby to spell out his name. *Remember, Hobby Lobby usually has 40% off coupons that you can find on Retail Me Not. 

This crib was purchased at Bellini Baby for our first child. When Hayes was approaching his due date, we moved Grey into a bed to allow Hayes to move in. It has shown excellent durability and quality. I also love that the style is simple and adapts well to many different room styles. 


License plates makes a cute accent to a transportation room. This plate was from a great trip to Montana that I took with my husband this past September, so it has a meaningful purpose. As I picked out the plate, a friend reminded me to double check for numbers with good karma. Sounded like a good reminder to me! 

We also decorated above the dresser with other meaningful pieces of art. The embroidered piece was from my grandmother's house and I have always loved the sweet message. The Brother Plaque above the dresser was purchased at Pottery Barn Kids when we found out that Grey was going to be a big brother. We wanted Hayes to always see his significance to their friendship. Again, this was in his nursery, and the plaque carried well into his new transitioned toddler room. 

I found this adorable truck wall mount from Nadeau. The wheels turn and it is a cute addition to the new "big boy" bedroom. 

This mirror was found in an antique shop. It is an old reclaimed oil can that had been made into a mirror. 


H Pillow is from Target

Have you thought about updating your nursery? What changes have you made? 








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