How to Incorporate Routine Into Bedtime

How to Incorporate Routine Into Bedtime

Ah, bedtime.

It can be the best of times, or the most trying of times (you need another sip of water?!?), depending on everyone's mood and level of exhaustion.

The good news is that routine, consistency, and good, healthy products pay off.

Certainly, each family has their own unique routine that works with their family dynamic. Please use this post as a guide to help enhance your preexisting routine. 

Why Routine?

Building a predictable bedtime routine with any age helps children know what to expect next. Children often do well with consistency and schedule. Routine also gives children a sense of security. 

Our Evenings:

Being home around 5 usually helps set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Grey knows that when the oven timer reads 5:00, it is "show time". Does he watch tv other times of the day? He does. But this particular signal triggers what's to come as we wrap up the day.

After everyone is fed, we head upstairs for a bath. 

HOW DO I GET THEM UPSTAIRS without a fight? 

It's simple, really. I just try to outsmart them. Parenting at its best. Usually, if I say aloud, "Hayes will you go turn the bath water on for me?" Grey immediately insists that this is his job. Luckily for me, Hayes is still young enough to simply be excited for the bath, and not old enough to  realize that his brother is dominating the situation. Parenting win.  How long will this last?!

I Love Using Excellent Products. 

One thing I love about bath time, is using Kiss My Face. The orange scent is fresh and inviting. I also use this bath soap as a body wash. - Kiss My Face does not advertise it as a body wash, but it leaves my boys' skin clean and has not dried it out over time. Both boys have had previous issues with eczema. Kiss My Face also has a bubble wash that we love. 

I feel safe using Kiss My Face Products. 

No parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, no phthalates. That says a lot to me. Why is this important? Parabens may be linked to breast cancer The fact that they may be is enough for me to steer clear of products containing parabens. Here is also an informative article from Baby Center on why phthalates are harmful. I am NOT an expert on toxic chemicals, but I do believe I have read enough to aspire to find safer products for my children and their future. 

Another Trick? 

I brush my boy's teeth in the bathtub.  Did I just say that aloud? Again my go to is Kiss My Face Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. You can see on this link that you can also chose with toothpaste with fluoride. I am still trying to figure out the fluoride vs. non-fluoride debate. Anyone else? 

Finally, we head into the tent to read. 

Both boys have their own reading tent in their room. As I have said before, I am a big believer in no toys in the tent. I want to raise readers. Our house is FILLED with toys. I believe the bedroom needs to be a place of relaxation without the clutter of toys. This also keeps their bedroom much neater than any other room in the house. And as the home housekeeper, one less messy room makes me very happy! 

Now, as I realize this next step does not sound very time efficient, I do like to give the boys each their own reading time. We have the sweetest little conversations in the tent during this one on one time. We share thoughts about what happened that day, and try to relate the books we are reading to real life. 

And finally, then comes the 8 sips of water before turning off the lights. 

How about you?

What is your bedtime routine like?

Please comment below any tips or tricks you have to make your bedtime transition smoothly. It's so powerful to learn from YOU too! 




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