DIY Thanksgiving Table for the Little Ones

DIY Thanksgiving Table for the Little Ones

These Thanksgiving table top ideas are sure to entertain your smaller houseguests this Thanksgiving, so you get to enjoy another helping of grandma's famous casserole. 


Kraft Paper

The go to tablecloth for all little fingers. If you follow me on social media, you already know that I need a lifetime supply. You can do anything you want on kraft paper. Glue, draw, paint, play-doh, etc. Endless amounts of creativity. 

Colorful Loose Parts 

Loose parts are any tangible, natural materials that allow your child to create what they like. There are no instructions, directions, or script. They simple play, which stimulates your child's brain with creativity.  

Scrabble Letters

How many words can you make out of, "Give Thanks"? How about the word, "Thanksgiving"? 

Chalkboard Place Settings  

These table mats were purchased at Hobby Lobby. This link leads you to a variety of chalkboard options you could apply to your Thanksgiving Kid's Table.


Decorate Name Cards

Allow your little ones to decorate their own name tags this season. You can provide examples, or simply tell them it is anything goes! Invite them to create and watch what happens. 

Once decorated, I like to combine the two tables (adult and children's) so we are all sitting together. 

How do you decorate your children's table? 

Comment below or on social media @dayswithgrey. 



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