5 Winter Classics We Are Reading Right Now

5 Winter Classics We Are Reading Right Now

Raise a Reader. 

Here are FIVE books that we are currently reading to welcome the cooler weather. 


Keep In Mind:

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page.

How You Can Implement This With Your Preschooler:

  • touch the words as you read

  • show how words are separated by spaces in print 

  • have your preschooler help turn the pages

All suggested books are linked to a Barnes and Noble link. I am not affiliated with Barnes and Noble and am not making any money off of my recommendations. I am simply adding links to make your holiday purchases a little easier. The bonus? It is cyber Monday! 

The Mitten

"The Mitten" was written in 1989. It is a snowy, creative story set in a wintery forest. I enjoy the variety of animals, and especially love the side illustrations that offer a prediction of what is to come next in the story. (Making predictions is yet another benchmark for Kindergarten-Fifth grade. This concept continues to become more complex as the years go on. Why not start the predictions now?)

Owl Moon 

Written in 1987, Jane Yolen creates a sweet, calm story about a little girl and her Pa going owlling. This makes a wonderful book to better understand the feeling of winter. Yolen uses many descriptive phrases to help your preschooler image what the snow and wintery nights may actually feel like. One line from the story I particularly enjoy is, "Our feet crunched over the crisp snow and little gray footprints followed us". 

Norman the Doorman

The first copy of this book was published in 1969. Norman is a small mouse that acts as the doorman to an Art Museum. Norman's biggest fear is the human doorman that works the main floor, but his passion for art keeps him going. This story takes place in the winter and offers a great discussion about art sculptures and friendship.

Sunshine and Snowballs

Not only is "Sunshine and Snowballs" written by the talented Margaret Wise Brown, but it is also a perfect book to discuss the change of seasons. Follow the little girl and boy throughout the book as they rhythm their way through summer, spring, autumn and winter. Building rhyming patterns now will help your preschooler later as they begin to read on their own.

How Do Penguins Play? 

This is a simple book that takes your preschooler through many different animals and how they play. It is not entirely winter, but again, offers a great rhythmic flow that will help your preschooler once they begin to read on their own. 

What are YOU reading? Comment below or leave us a message on social media @dayswithgrey. We love hearing from you. 



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