A Holiday Invitation to Create

A Holiday Invitation to Create

You know the random supplies that are circulating around your home?

Gather them, and present them in a muffin tin for a festive Invitation to Create. 

From the book, "Loose Parts", "Loose parts (such as what you see below) are often presented to young children as provocations - invitations for play, curiosity, wonder, engagement, and discovery." This continues to read, "Once the provocation is set up, teachers (moms, grandparents, dads, we are all in this together, right?) wait and observe how the children respond to them".

I especially love reading this paragraph, and honestly need to read it daily. Too often we are helping preschoolers with the next step. I too find myself sometimes showing Grey what to do, rather than sitting back and just observing. I think the trick is to observe first, and guide when necessary.  

*As a sidenote, "Loose Parts" suggests that you do not use glue or tape with loose parts, hence then they are no longer loose parts. For this activity I wanted to combine the loose parts, with a provocation art project. 

Here, I supplied my preschooler with:

  • kraft paper

  • glue - stick and liquid 

  • cottonballs 

  • gift bows 

  • wooden crayons

  • white paper shreds 

  • green string

  • scissors 

  • dot stickers

There is also so much more to this activity than one would see at first glance. 

Fine Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills is the coordination of small muscles, in movements with hands, fingers, and eyes. These skills are controlled by the nervous system. 

The gluing, peeling stickers, and using scissors all help build the fine motor hand muscles that will help your preschooler later with handwriting and pencil grip. 

Creative Freedom:

Allowing your preschooler to create:

  • Stimulates the brain
  • Helps with decision making
  • Allows your preschooler to design, construct, organize

So tell me, how do you invite your preschooler to create? What are some of your favorite materials or loose parts? Comment below or tag us on social media @dayswithgrey with your photos and ideas. 


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