Mama May I For Toddler Friday

Mama May I For Toddler Friday

In case you missed Wednesday's post, here is a recap of one of my favorite ETSY shops:

Jessica's shop, MamaMayi is stocked with ECO-friendly, Handmade Wooden Learning Toys, Toddler Games, and Infant Playthings inspired by Montessori and Waldorf Methodologies for Learning through Play and Connecting Through Play Experiences. Both of these methods believe in hands-on learning and creative play

Jessica's toys are are built to last, and grow with your little one. MamaMayi believes strongly in connecting through play, and they hope you'll welcome their handmade goodies into your home!

Her shop has toys and games for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids. There really isn't anything in this shop that makes me want to stop viewing. 

For toddler Friday, here is one of my favorite games Mama My i offers for toddlers called, Little People Rainbow World. 

This game comes with a helpful card that offers more tips on how to use the game.

The card reads:

This time for toddlers! A great addition to the color series, this little rainbow set is sure to intrigue and delight your little explorer. Placing the people in the coordinating cup houses is not only a great fine-motor skill builder, it also sharpens color recognition, and fosters imaginative play. This colorful set is the perfect size for toting. 

Use This Toy As:

  • A conversations starter for color
  • A puzzle for sorting and organizing
  • A game for cognitive puzzle-solving 
  • An imaginative adventure

What I love most about this game is how well it travels.

We take this game with us to restaurants, Dr. visits, Grandmas, and much more. Hayes has not lost interest and is always eager to take the pieces out. - We have yet to master the color coordinating, but that will come with time.

Take a look at the many ways and places Hayes has played the Little People Rainbow World game:

Remember to use the coupon code DAYSWITHGREY to receive 15% off your total purchase (excludes subscription bins) on the



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