It's Simple; Gather Sticks and Create.

It's Simple; Gather Sticks and Create.

Do you have one awake as the other(s) naps?

I know the goal is to get everyone sleeping at the same time, however my preschooler (3) dropped his nap a couple months back. So while we could sit inside and watch tv the entire time, we also need to get out. Mostly for my sanity. 

Paint the Sticks is genius. 


Here, your preschooler is gathering their own tools. Why is this important? It means this activity will mean more to them because it was their decisions that pulled it all together. 

So, this activity is two fold. 

1.Gather sticks (hello movement!

2.Paint the sticks - fine motor, sensory, and self expression. 

Yesterday as my boys gathered sticks to paint, they naturally began to discuss different attributes of the stick. 

“Here, get this one, Hayes! It is longer than the one you have.”

“I don’t want this one. It’s too bumpy.”

It was incredible! 

You will also find this activity on Letter G is for Gather on our Alphabet Activity Cards. 

Now, could I have done the same thing with a handful of objects that have different textures? Probably. But I am certain this led to far more engagement. 

So, Head Outside and Have Your Preschooler Collect Sticks.

Next, Head Inside to Paint Your Sticks and Improve Fine Motor Skills. 

Fine Motor Skills Practice Helps:

  • Control small muscles in your toddler's hands
  • Coordinate eye-hand movement    
  • It is important to allow your toddler practice with eye-hand movement. 
  • Fine motor practice now will help with bigger movements later such as writing. 

What is an Invitation to Create? 

An invitation to create is any set up that allows your preschooler to organically create.

There are no rules or set of directions. This also can be called, Process Art.

Each finished product will look different, and many can be revisited again over time. The trick is to provide your preschooler with items of interest that will allow them to explore their creativity. 

You may also want to read 8 Reasons Why Preschool Painting is Valuable for Development. 

Preschool Painting Tips and Supply List:

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Egg cartons make great painting cups. 


Preschool Tip #2:

Draw a small dot on either side of your brush to help your preschooler know where to hold their fingers on the brush. 

What does your preschooler like to gather and paint?

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