DIY Count Up with Little Blue Truck

DIY Count Up with Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck has quickly become a household favorite.

We especially love, "Little Blue Truck's Christmas" this holiday season. This book sparked the idea for today's, DIY Preschool Count Up, and the book couldn't have been a better fit. 

Currently, my preschooler has a strong understanding of the numbers 1-10.

We have:

  • Counted forwards,
  • Counted backwards
  • Assigned objects to the correct number name when counting in sequence
  • Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger. 

Keep In Mind:

Do not feel the need to RUSH concepts and move on before you can confidently say you have exhausted numbers 1-10 and the idea of number sense. (Understanding what the value of a number means) 

Try not to get caught up in what "other" preschoolers are able to comprehend. Now is the time to get to know your child's needs and help them progress when they are ready. If you need to do this activity with numbers 1-10, or perhaps 20-30, go ahead! 

The Little Blue Truck Count Up:

We began with the numbers 10-20, which I know my preschooler is still learning to identify. Again, this is not counting in sequence which will also need to be mastered around Kindergarten.

For now, we simply are discussing number identification. 

Materials Used:

Count Up Activity Steps:

Begin by reviewing the story, "Little Blue Truck's Christmas with your preschooler. 

Review the numbers 10-20 with your preschooler. Allow your preschooler to touch the numbers as you count them. 

Allow your preschooler to take the lead when finding different the numbers to place into the tree farm. Remember to practice identifying the number name and asking, "Does that look right?" upon incorrect placement. 

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