New Take on Fast Food

New Take on Fast Food

I know you know the term, "Fast Food". 

BUT , Why does it have to be associated with french fries and greasy hamburgers?

Like most of you, I too crave those foods. But for my day to day on the go, I need fast food that doesn't drag me down an hour after eating.

And so do our children. 

With that, I recently discovered Nomva, which I first purchased at Sprouts. Shortly after my purchase, Nomva sent me a refrigerated box of probiotic pouches to try. All opinions on here are my own and I am excited to share with you the health and convenient benefits of Nomava for you and your family.  

Our family needs nontraditional fast foods to keep my children, husband and I energized to take on our activity packed days. And so does yours.

Nomva Probiotic, Organic Snack Packs

What's Great About Nomva:

Nomva set out to build an organic food company that gives its customers the nutrition they need, the way they need it. 

Each Nomva Packs contains the strongest vegan probioticon the market, Ganeden BC30. Probiotics improve digestion and overall health. Fast food that will actually boost my family's immune system? Yes, please! 

No added sugar - A snack for myself or my family without added sugar is a win, win. There are so many products out there with added sugar and preservatives. Having a food allergy in the family causes us to read labels. Every. Single. One. It is eye opening, and disturbing what is in most packaged foods. Nomva does not add any sugar and uses all organic fruits and vegetables. 

*Keep in mind that Nomva did confirm that their factory, not their product, does contain nuts. For this reason, I would not allow Grey (peanut allergy) to try one. This is not labeled on the package or on the website. 

Eating Alternatives with Nomva:

I get it. We are not all into eating food from a pouch. This is a new concept that has really become more common for newer generations. Most people above 30 are not necessarily used to the fact that their food comes in a package such as a pouch. I am not sure why it is normalized to eat food from a can, but not from a pouch but oh well.  With that being said, here's what I like to do to switch out my usual (redundant) smoothie routine.  I like to add Nomva into my favorite glass in the morning as I begin my day. This way, I am not always drinking Nomva from a pouch, but still getting all of its health benefits. 

Have you tried Nomva for your family?

Search here to find the store nearest you. 


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