Valentines in a Pinch

Valentines in a Pinch

No time to SHOP to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little ones? I am certain everything you need is already somewhere in your house. 

They are little! Let's take advantage of that. Children have no idea what is new or repurposed. 

Here are some quick ways to decorate with items that may already be in your home. 

First step - quick scan of anything pink, red, white, or hearts throughout your home. If it is in that color scheme, use it! 

Some quick go to ideas:

  • Books about love (use as display)
  • Magnetic Letters (spell out LOVE in front of place setting) 
  • Construction Paper (cut into different heart shapes and tape throughout room)
  • Straws (Find one and add it to an everyday cup for something special)
  • Last year's Valentine's gifts? I found this doggie in the closet! 
  • Crayons - Pick out the reds, grays, and pinks and leave them out for a Valentine's picture.

Do you have any repurposed ideas that you used? Post them here! 

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