Family Name Cards

Family Name Cards

If you have been following Days with Grey since the start, this one will not be new to you. 

But what better way to kick off "maternity leave" with my very favorite post. 

This is one of those preschool activities that will stay with your family for a very long time. 

  • Make it. 
  • Post it. 
  • Use it.
  • You will LOVE it. 
preschool name recognition

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  • Family Pictures

Why Family Name Cards?

Using Family Name Cards is also a great way to anticipate friends and family members coming to visit. prepare name cards for family members in advance to help your preschooler prepare for their visit. 

Your Preschooler's Academics:

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.

Helping your preschooler learn to identify family faces to names practices name recognition. This preschool activity will also show the connection between spoken words and their use. 

preschool name recognition


After printing photos of family members, cut members out and have your preschooler paste the picture onto an index card. 

preschool name recognition

Together, write the name of the person shown on the card.

Lastly, have your preschooler organize the photos on a wall for reinforcement.

Remember to post the photos at eye level. This will allow your preschooler and family to revisit family members time and time again. 

Preschool Name Recognition

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preschool name recognition





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