Olympic Games!

Olympic Games!

As we await the Summer Olympic Games, we can begin to introduce the sporting events to our preschooler.  

All sporting events allow your preschooler to practice their gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are bigger locomotor movements such as rolling, kicking, hitting, and walking.

Preschool ages 3-5 should also begin to focus on balance, climbing, pedaling, steering, throwing and catching.

Preparing for the Summer Games is a fun way to introduce and practice gross motor skills. Watching the Summer Games will be a fun culminating activity to make connections to real life.  

These activities will also allow your preschooler to use their imagination and explore creativity.



Gear up for ATHLETICS (running, jumping and throwing) by creating a track in your driveway! 

Draw a large oval with chalk for your preschooler to run around. This oval will symbolize the track the athletes use.  This track will also help your preschooler practice staying within the lines and running. Include a starting and stopping point. 

Preschoolers can also practice:

  • skipping around the track
  • hopping around the track
  • pulling a wagon along the track
  • peddling a bike or tricycle around the track
  • using a scooter around the track

THROWING (Shot put)

Begin by creating a starting point for your preschooler to throw the ball. Allow your preschooler to begin exploring with a tape measure and looking at the numbers to explore the distance.

Remember, it is not age appropriate to understand how to use a tape measure. This activity is to INTRODUCE the measuring tool. 

You can also begin marking each throw and discussing which ball went the furthest.

Begin to make comparisons with or without measurement tools.

Some key vocabulary:

  • furthest
  • closest
  • in between
  • near
  • far
  • distance

Stay tuned for more Olympic Game activities on Wednesday! 

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