Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Recognizing patterns is an important math, science and literacy skill. 

The goals with patterns are for preschoolers to:

  • recognize patterns
  • analyze patterns
  • copy patterns
  • create patterns 
  • make predictions about patterns 
  • expand on patterns

As your preschool BEGINS to explore patterns, begin with an AB pattern. AB means that the pattern alternates between 2 relationships. 

Begin by having something to create a pattern with. Here, I used a box of bears that can be found online or at any teaching store. 


At first, Grey wanted to get his hands on the bears. He wanted to touch the bears and begin sorting the bears into color categories.

It is important that you allow your preschooler the time to do explore. There may be a sensory need that needs to be met. Also, preschoolers work well at their own pace. Embrace the offsets when they happen. They may lead to something extraordinary! 


Next, I demonstrated an AB pattern. As I said the pattern I touched each bear. Always begin left to right and touch as your repeat your pattern. 


Finally, it was Grey's turn to extend the pattern. Remind your preschooler to begin on the left and touch as they state the pattern that was created. 


It may take a couple times for your preschooler to be able to understand and be familiar with patterns. There is no rush. Begin to introduce the concept and continue to revisit during teachable moments. 






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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, So Many To See!

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