Little Fingers Friday with Honeysticks!

Little Fingers Friday with Honeysticks!

Looking for a new, less toxic crayon for your toddler and preshooler? We were pleasantly surprised with these Honeysticks. 

What are they? 

Honeysticks are made in New Zealand. They state that they are:

  • Made from New Zealand Beeswax
  • Non-Toxic ingredients
  • Safe for children
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Unique durable and ergonomic shape

 Here is what we liked best about the Honeysticks.

the grip

  • The crayon was easy for my toddler to grasp. The sticks even had a little stick to them which made is easier for Hayes to hold on to. 

vibrant COLORS


the size

  • The size of the Honeystick is small, but still large enough to stay out of my toddler's mouth. I find that standard crayons seem to get in my toddler's mouth when the tip breaks off. So far, it does not look like the tip can or will break off, but I cannot be certain. Remain close to your toddler and preschooler when using the Honeysticks. 


  • Both Grey and Hayes enjoy coloring with the Honeysticks. The Honeysticks get used by both my toddler and preschooler often. 


The cost for a box of Honeysticks can be between $15-20. You decide. Too pricy?

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Headed Out of Town?