Spread Kindness.

Spread Kindness.

Ever wonder how to teach your preschooler compassion?

I have always desired to instill kindness and compassion into my boys life aside from showing it myself. - Which let's be real. It doesn't always happen that way. Sigh.  

I go back and forth in my mind about where we can volunteer and what would be age appropriate. So far come up with a lot of "we should...", but not much gets implemented. 

Until Now. 

The Rainbow Rock Project began with a 7 year old little girl who is on her journey to spread kindness and joy, one rainbow rock at a time!  www.rainbowrockproject.com

Her MISSION is to spread kindness and make people smile. She is doing so by spreading her rainbow rocks throughout the world. She places the rainbow rocks for someone to find, therefore hoping it will make them smile. - How genuine, and how perfect. 

Her mom, Agnes has written this fantastic book as well. Below is the Amazon Affiliate direct link.

The Rainbow Rock Project

Preschool Set Up and Steps:

  • Collected rocks from outside. 
  • Drew a rainbow on paper and discussed the color sequence. 
  • Drew a rainbow on the rock.
  • We reflected on "What is kind?" as I drew pictures of the examples Grey gave me. This was eye opening. I had no idea he was capable of expressing such specific examples. 
  • We hid the rainbow rock for someone to find hoping to make someone smile. 

What Else Can YOU Do?

Head to www.rainbowrockproject.com. Follow the rainbow project or donate a dollar for her to continue spreading kindness. 

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Retell, "Caps for Sale" with June's Book Box

Retell, "Caps for Sale" with June's Book Box

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