Road Trip. What Are We Eating?

Road Trip. What Are We Eating?

Leaving for a road trip with little ones can seem extremely long. Finding the right snacks to bring, and preparing the snacks ahead of time, can make the trip much smoother. 

Most Important:

Take some time to think about which foods make your children crash.

Remember that the car is a small space. If we feed our toddlers and preschoolers high sugary snacks, you can be sure to add 2 more mentally straining hours to your trip. Keep them fueled with foods that make them feel good long after they are digested. 

I loved the idea of this beautiful basket filled with a variety of snacks. It reminded me of being on an airplane when the flight attendants come around with an assortment of goodies. But then I snapped out of it. With toddlers and preschoolers, you need to keep some tricks up your sleeve, keep snacks hidden, and pull out a little at a time. 

Yes, this preparation is time consuming. You just have to pick your battles. Prepare the time now, or deal with more meltdowns later. 

What We Pack:

*Grey has a peanut allergy so all food options are peanut-free. 

Proteins and Healthy Fats:



Fruit and Veggies:





We pack all snacks into a cooler the night before and hit the road. 

Which Foods Do You Pack for Long Car Rides? Leave us a comment below. We love hearing from you! 

Want more resources to help keep your children healthy? Check out this article by Super Healthy Kids. 






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