Check Out the Response to, "Mom, Where Does Mia Live?"

Check Out the Response to, "Mom, Where Does Mia Live?"

"Mom, where does Mia (grandma) live"?, Grey asked as he gazed up at the map. 

Now, while I am certain my preschooler cannot truly comprehend a map, I can confidently say that he understands a map's purpose. When your preschooler shows an interest, run with it! This is the best time for a teachable moment with many more to come. 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to know the difference between literature and informational text. Use this preschool time to show a variety of genres and explore the many different uses of print. 

Start NOW Sharing Environmental Print With Your Preschooler.

You can find maps almost everywhere, and this is where Grey began to understand what they are used for. Here are some places we find maps:

  • When hiking, we stop to read the maps on the trails.
  • When driving, we talk about the GPS map in the car. 
  • When walking we share directional cues on where and when we will turn. 
  • Do I dare bring Diego and Dora into the mix? I should, because I also give them credit for exposing Grey to maps. 

So as Grey stood there, it was no surprise that he wanted to know where Mia Lives. And I ran with it. 

  • I began by finding a group picture of our family that included grandparents. The picture also included our siblings. - Perfect! 
  • I cut out everyone's body from the picture and we began placing them on the map. 
  • My preschooler and I looked at each location and talked about the state names. 

Do Even More with Maps!

Headed out of town?

Does anyone in your home travel? This is a great activity to use when explaining where you or others are going, or where you just went.

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Montana. It was surprising how Grey responded when I showed him where we were. Again, although he does not (and should not) fully understand a map, he fully understood the idea that we were in "Montana". Montana was a different location other than his home and we needed to travel on a plane to get there. 

How can I tell that my preschooler understood that a map represents locations?

I went to get a drink, and when I returned, every family member was in the same state clumped together. He looked at me and said, "They all live in Greyson's house". I'm going to say it is safe to assume he got it. 





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