DIY Valentine's Day Mantel; Using What You Have.

DIY Valentine's Day Mantel; Using What You Have.

Before I became a mom, I rarely got set up around the holidays.

Truth be told, I actually never decorated for the holidays.

But now that I have two expressive young boys, it is so much fun. (Plus, I am super outnumbered and needed to add a little pink to our home.)

Use What You Already Have. 

Now, I understand most of us do not have a surplus of crafts in our home. But if you begin to save a little here and there, you will be surprised what you can do with the celebration leftovers. 

To begin, I made these jars out of colored twine which was left over from my Sister-in-Law's baby shower. I also collected empty tomato sauce jars. We eat a LOT of pureed tomatoes in our house. 

DIY Valentines

How to Make These Jars:

Simply spread glue one end of the jar. 

Wrap twine. Vary the lengths.

That is ALL! - SUPER simple. 

Wooden Plaque 

Again, use what you have. A couple months ago, my husband brought home these pieces of stained wine barrel. Sound like a good idea? Well to me it didn't because we are busting at the seams. But I am so glad he saw the potential. I am already planning the next one. 

Another perk is that hot glue usually peels off nicely. This means, you can take everything off once the holiday/party is over, or save everything for next year. 

How to Make This Wooden Plaque?

  • Glue ribbon down the center.  There is SO much great ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
  • Add already made paper flowers. Found Here.
  • Again - SUPER simple, right? 

Sign of LOVE

Last summer, Hayes turned ONE, which supplied me with the O and N. The V was hidden somewhere in the basement and had to purchase the L. - On sale at Hobby Lobby, of course. They may or may not know my name. 

I also added one of our newly designed reusable glass jars with a candle, and the sign created a warm feeling into our living room. 

Do you decorate for the holidays more with or without kids? 




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