Valentines Preschool Pancake Party - Nut Free

Valentines Preschool Pancake Party - Nut Free

Inside: Nut-free Valentine treats and activities for preschool. 

Preschool is usually 9-12, right? 

And is your preschool also nut-free

Ever wonder what in the world can I possibly send in for the class party? 

I've got you covered! 

Why not throw a Valentine Preschool Pancake Party complete with a walk-up pancake bar?

You heard me right. A walk up, buffet style, pancake bar. 

BOOM. My mouth is watering as I type. 

This is a fun way to include all students with or without food allergies. 

Keep in mind! You do not need a gazillion snacks to please a preschooler. Keep it limited, keep it fresh., keep them from getting cranky! 

All decor was created by me using a lot of repurposed items. Recognize these cut out hearts from our last post? You can also see different ways we used these hearts on our Instagram page

Nut-free Valentine party for preschoolers

Peanut-Free Stamps 

Take note of the ADORABLE no peanut stamps placed on the food items. This stamp is from Blossom Stamps and is so helpful for Grey to identify safe foods when he cannot see the packaging. Side note, I ALWAYS purchase my stamps from Blossom Stamps. She's the best. 

All food used clearly states "nut free" on their packaging. As always, please double check for changes on products website. 

Here are Amazon Affiliate links to the snacks served at our nut-free preschool Valentine Party. 

All Namaste, Bitsy Brainfood, and Enjoy Life products are nut-free as of February 2018. 

Amazon Affiliate Links to Decorations:

Include a playdough station!

You will love our ideas from this particular playdough post to help with set up.

NEW: Did you know that you could add a ring to our Alphabet Activity Cards? 






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