Sometimes It's About Keeping Your Preschooler Busy

Sometimes It's About Keeping Your Preschooler Busy

I know you.

Well, I don't really know you. 

But I know what it is like to be a mom.

And for the most part, we try to keep a steady balance of integrating teachable moments, with giving them things to stay BUSY.

Am I right? 

This activity provides two ideas, and you can change the second part to however you see fit. For me, I wanted Grey to practice 2D shapes, but he wanted a train. So I drew a picture of a train out of shapes. - Compromising with a preschooler. WHEW. 

For Starters, Allow your Preschooler to Rip Paper.

Allow your preschooler to rip as much paper as they would like. There is no limit on this part of the activity. You may find that this is a favorite new activity. 

For some reason, presenting items in a box, bowl, bin are all inviting for a preschooler. I honestly think it is the anticipation of taking it all out and dumping. 

Mix glue with water. 

There really isn't a perfect combination of water to glue for this. Or maybe there is, but my intention here is just for Grey to explore so I kept the set up simple. 

Draw What You Like

Again, I wanted to draw some 2D shapes, and Grey wanted a train. I went with a train that had shapes, and we drew together so he knew what I was writing. 

Next, he used his paint/glue mixture to adhere the tissue paper that he ripped up. 

What I Learned From This?

Patience. Mostly working with my preschooler to slow down when he gets frustrated.

The wet tissue paper kept sticking to his hands and would not always adhere. Yes, I wanted to keep him busy, but it also taught me that we can have a couple more activities like this to build a tolerance and practice not giving up. 

Find another great BUSY activity here. 

Have you tried this activity with your preschooler? Comment below! 



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