Best Purchases to Boost Alphabet Recognition

Best Purchases to Boost Alphabet Recognition

Last week we shared how counting is different than number representation.  

And like numbers, the alphabet can have a similar difference. 

There is a difference between letter recognition and letter sounds. I know this one is much more obvious. 

Some methods have different theories to which should come first, letter recognition or letter sounds. However If you are looking for more practice with letter recognition, here are my 2017 Favorite Alphabet Recognition Manipulatives. 

I must also add, that surrounding your preschooler with letters of the alphabet is a fundamental part of learning.

Although we want to keep things put away into storage bins, it may be best to keep these resources at eye level where your preschooler can reach them.

The more exposure your preschooler has to alphabet letters, the more likely they are to use them, remember them, and build upon them. 

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2017 Favorite Alphabet Recognition Manipulatives:


Lower Case:


PLEASE NOTE - These are not the EXACT letter tiles we have. I purchased mine at JoAnn Fabric and cannot find the exact ones on the website, but wanted to give you all the closest I could find. This is the closest I can find from Amazon. THE LINK ABOVE IS LOWERCASE LETTERS. You see below UPPER CASE. Both are good options, but I wanted to let you know so that you can pick what's best for your child. 

We use these tiles for many different occasions. Here, we used it to create an alphabet train. See here for the full activity. 

We just put these in the freezer with water today. Did you know you can also bake with these silicon letter trays? - Personally, I think these make a great gift. 

What do you have at home that you love to use for letter recognition? Drop a link in the comments below. Would love to see wha you all are using. 

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