Best Purchases to Boost Alphabet Recognition

Best Purchases to Boost Alphabet Recognition

Have fun with some of the greatest alphabet tools! 

Having multiple children at home can be a juggling act. I look for great resources that will not only interest and entertain my preschoolers, but also help expose them to key ideas that they can build on as they grow.

I also love simple ways to surround my preschoolers with the alphabet.

The more exposure your preschooler has to alphabet letters, the more likely they are to use them, remember them, and build upon them. 

Here is a detailed list of everything you may want to own to help expose your preschooler to the 26 letters of the alphabet. Below is a link of Amazon Affiliate links that will help build your alphabet resources. 


By Kindergarten, children will be asked to print many upper- and lowercase letters.

Let's prepare our preschoolers now by learning to identify the letters of the alphabet. 

Ever wonder which alphabet activities are best for your preschooler?

I broke this list down to share a couple different ways your can infuse the alphabet according to your preschooler's interest.

Alphabet Art:

Hands on Learning 

Puzzles and Building - See here for our ABC Ice Activity! 

Writing the Alphabet:


preschool alphabet games





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