An Invitation to Give Mom a Minute.

An Invitation to Give Mom a Minute.

I am loving the term, An Invitation to Create.

Really. It offers such an endless exploration for your preschooler and not to mention, it also offers mom a break. Being at home all day, this preschool activity can also be called, An Invitation to Give Mom a Minute.


There has to be a balance of integrating curriculum, and allowing your preschooler to explore and discover concepts on their own, using their own creativity. 

Try to incorporate process-oriented art, rather than product-oriented art opportunities. 

Did you know that process-oriented art will:

  • Encourage self expression 
  • Release imagination and creativity 
  • Explores concepts such as space, lines, form, shapes, patterns, design and colors. (Just to mention a few!) 

This activity also allows your preschooler to practice with:

  • Fine motor grip
  • Problem solving - My preschooler was trying to stack the dry noodles 
  • Inquiry

An Art Provocation Set Up:

Begin by offering your preschooler a variety of art supplies. We used recycled cardboard for the canvas. 

Next, allow your preschooler to explore and create. Try not to direct or add input. This is a great activity for problem solving. Remember, this is not product-oriented. You have no idea the outcome. 

Here are Amazon affiliate links to some of the items we used to get your started:

Invitation to Create
Invitation to Create

Once your preschooler has the foundation of their creation, you can then introduce paint. 

Invite younger siblings in for the paint exploration. 

Why is painting at home so intimidating? I get it. The set up, the clean up. Oy! I'm here to assure you that both boys are now clean, clothes are in the wash, kitchen was cleaned in less than 5, and creativity was intensified. Go ahead, let them get messy. You'll feel like you can take the rest of day off. 

Organize what your preschooler created and hang. 

Keep in mind that I had NO idea how this would turn out. But as your preschooler creates, it will evolve. 

What do you do with the artwork your preschooler creates? 

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