Alphabet Maze

Alphabet Maze

With the colder weather settling in, it seems like more families are staying indoors and needing to get creative with their time.

This DIY Alphabet Maze is SUPER easy to make, and a lot of fun for your preschooler to play. 

Why begin to practice the alphabet with preschoolers?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to print many upper- and lowercase letters.

Begin to introduce this benchmark with your preschooler, by exposing them to what the letters look like, along with their sequence now. 

Simple Way to Get Started: 

Attach kraft paper to a table. I like to use painters tape and the kraft paper sold at IKEA. The painters tape adheres easily without taking the paint off of the table. 

Add your maze and alphabet letters. I chose two options for my preschooler to navigate through. One followed the alphabet sequence, and the other went in a random order. Encourage your preschooler to stay on track. 

Allow Your Preschooler to Begin:

Stay Flexible. 

Remember your preschooler is a preschooler. On one hand we want to guide them correctly and share with them the correct sequence, however we also want to follow their lead.

Listen to where your preschooler wants to take the activity. Perhaps they want to go out of order? That's okay as well!


  • Switch gears to a letter calling game where they say the letters they draw over. 
  • Cover different letters and ask them if they can guess which one is underneath.
  • Find other alphabet manipulatives you may have in your home and match them with the ones on the maze.  

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