Be My Galentine

Be My Galentine

February 13th.

Galentine's Day. 

Who knew? 

Moms, I had no idea about this glorious celebration until this year. And I am so glad I found out. According to the Urban Dictionary, Galentine's Day is the day you show love to your lady friends. 

Don't get me wrong. I understand the importance of spending Valentine's Day with you significant other as well. But there is something about being with your best girlfriends that is fun, carefree and so necessary.

So ladies, I bring to you:

Galentine's Day.  

Fun Fact:

I have a large handful of good friends from South America. I wanted to include different elements of my friend's personalities into our Galentine Party, so I purchased flowers labeled from Ecuador for the table. 

Fun Fact Number Two:

My friends from Ecuador did not recognize the flowers. Whole Foods?!? 

Think anyone was disappointed? Not a chance. The truth is, life before kids or after, sometimes we all just need an excuse to put something on the calendar, drink wine, and catch up.

Cheers again to Galentine's Day. 

The DIY Decor:

Napkins Below - Home Goods Clearance $2


I did fail to take photos of what we ate. Perhaps that is because I was too busy enjoying my friend's company and actually had my phone in a different room! (gasp)  However, here is a peek into a couple special items we shared. 

Have you tried these incredibly delicious sparkling waters? My latest obsession. Spindrift did not sponsor our Galentine's Day party, but did send me some samples afterwards to continue tasting and sharing. Most people asked, "where can I find them?" Click here to search locations. 

These Katz doughnuts are gluten and nut free! Here is an amazon affiliate link (which means I get a small percentage if you end up ordering with no additional cost to you) For moms, it is so much easier to order everything that shows up on your doorstep, right? Here is a variety pack link to sample your favorite. 

Who will you spend your Galentine's Day with? 

Galentine's Day






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