Your Preschooler's Ultimate Guide to Easter

Your Preschooler's Ultimate Guide to Easter

Anyone else get SUPER excited when they find an Etsy shop that feels like winning the lottery for adorable preschool tees?

The ONE shop that you can count on for holidays, birthdays and gift ideas to come? 

I DO! 

Plucky Mustard IS THAT SHOP. 

Preschool Easter Gear:

For this post, I teamed up with Plucky Mustard to share with you the softest, and most adorable tees for your preschooler on Easter. Perfect for your next Easter Egg Hunt! 

Plucky Mustard agrees that all children are Good Eggs. Let's celebrate our children with this shirt and some basket ideas shown below. 

Preschool Easter

Preschool Easter Basket:

Make your preschooler's.jpg

For our Preschool Easter Basket, I have not lost my mind.  

I realize that holidays, such as Easter, are a time for candy and unnecessary items for your preschoolers to enjoy. (In addition to the biblical meaning of Easter) 

However, give it 5 minutes after your present that basket to regret the sugar rush and pieces of plastic that will surround your living room.  

This year think smart. (myself included)

Give the gifts that allow your preschooler to grow.

For the filler at the bottom of the basket, I used shredded bills. I mean paper. No, actually, they are our shredded bills. I am a big fan of saving money where I can, and reusing items. (They are little, and to them it's all the same) So I went for it. 

Some of these items are affiliated links to Amazon. Other links are from different shops that I use and love. All items are ones that my preschooler uses often. 

Why these dice? Click here to read more.

Preschool Easter

Other Items in the Preschool Easter Basket:

Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

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