A Little Bit of Dirt - Part Two Extension

A Little Bit of Dirt - Part Two Extension

On Sunday, we posted, "A Little Bit of Dirt, Part One". 

To Recap:

  • We searched the outdoors for a collection of items to add into our sensory bottles. 
  • We found our preschool activity from the book, "A Little Bit of Dirt":

Click here to see more from Part ONE. 

My preschooler LOVED this activity Most of it involved roaming around outside passing time, as Grey made inferences, observations and got moving. 

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To Continue this Preschool Outdoor Activity:

  • We headed back indoors to sort and classify our objects. 

WHY Sort and Classify?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count. 

You can do this with your preschooler now!

Preschoolers love to classify, sort, and count. 

Next, we began to place our objects into our Sensory Bottles. 

Amazon Affiliate Supply List for bottles:

Place one jar with distilled water next to each sorted object. 

Allow your preschooler to begin filling each jar. Watch the jars each day to observe how the natural materials break down. 

Preschool Outdoors


  • Which materials decompose the fastest? 
  • Which materials look exactly the same over time? Any?
  • Which materials fit one to a jar vs. many to a jar? 
  • Which materials do you observe a color change? 

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Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

A Little Bit of Dirt - Part ONE

A Little Bit of Dirt - Part ONE