Name Recognition Using Cardboard

Name Recognition Using Cardboard

The other day I went to pick my preschooler up from my mom's house and she said to me, "I think Grey is having trouble spelling his name".

Wait - WHAT? 

Hold the phone. 

He knows how to spell his name. "Grey, how do you spell your name?" 

Yup, she was right. We had dropped it after mastery, and now he had forgotten. 

Does this alarm me? 

Of course not.

But what it does is remind me is that it is important to revisit concepts with my preschooler. 

Preschoolers are sponges to information, but if they don't use it, they may lose it. 

So back to thinking of a fun way to increase name recognition. 


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Reuse the box. 

Boom. - Create your game by cutting the cardboard into strips and writing each letter of your preschooler's name. 

How to Play DIY Name Recognition Game:

Simply hand your preschooler the pile of letter cards. 

Do not tell them it is their name. Most likely, your preschooler will problem solve and recognize the familiar letters.  

It is important for preschoolers to analyze and make decisions about what to do with supplies handed to them.

What did this DIY Name Recognition Game Teach Me?

My preschooler had forgotten how to spell his name. After a couple attempts, we had leftover letters and a little confusion. 

What's the Simple Solution to Grasping Name Letter Recognition? 


This DIY Name Recognition is so portable.

Stack and keep the cards on hand for when your preschooler is eating breakfast, waiting on a snack, before watching a show, etc! 

Once the name is complete, point to touch, left to right, to reinforce correct letter order. 

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