Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

Retell "Owl Babies" with Book Boxes

Do you remember the adorable mice from Mouse Count? 

Well, this time we chose the sweet and well written book, "Owl Babies". Have you read this book?  

For this activity, I teamed up again with Ludavia from  See her fabulous mask to use with, "Owl Babies" shown below. 

What IS a Book Box? 

A book box is a way to help your preschooler retell a familiar story. 

preschool books

What is IN a Book Box?

  • Familiar book
  • Props to retell the story

WHY Use a Book Box? 

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to:

  • With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
  • With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

  • With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.

Master now?

No, thank you.

Expose now?

Yes, please! Build up your preschoolers confidence for when they have to meet these rigorous standards. 

This is a fun, interactive way to begin practicing this skill with your preschooler. 

Affiliate Links to Items you May Need:

Before the Story Retell:

Read the story to your preschooler more than once. Allow them become familiar with the characters, plot, and storyline. 

"Owl Babies" is a perfect choice for a story retell.


It has a simple plot that follows a story sequence. It also has a limited amount of characters. 

"Owl Babies" has the sweetest message about trust, experiencing the feeling of doubt and the comfort of reassurance. 

Allow your preschooler to decorate the owl with feathers and a small paper bag. I attached a popsicle stick to the back with masking tape to make a puppet. 

Preschool Books

Next fill your Book Box to retell "Owl Babies":

  • "Owl Babies"
  • Owl 
  • Feathers/glue
  • Objects to represent baby owls (we used cotton balls) 
  • Top of egg carton 

Below you will see our, "Owl Babies" book box.

Here is what Lu from The Mama Workshop created.

I keep the props simple, and Lu takes on the SUPER creative side. I was blown away! She also adds tutorials to her post, so hop over and check it out. You will NOT be disappointed. 

Preschool books

Ready to use your Book Box?

Begin to use owl, baby owls, and book as you reread the story. 


  • The owl can hide as the owl babies are wondering where she went. 
Preschool Books

Keep your items in the book box so your preschooler can reach and use it when they desire to. 

Stay tuned for more Book Boxes in the first week of May as I work with Lu again on another Book Box craft!  

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