Preschool AB Pattern Practice

Preschool AB Pattern Practice







Note: The first time I introduced patterns with my preschooler was around two years old. He was not ready. 

How did I know he wasn't ready?

He simply was not following me when I shared the AB pattern.

What did I do? 

Put it away.

Remember, preschool is a time to introduce, not necessarily master. Run with the concepts that click. Return later to the concepts that need more time. 

Now, at three years old, he is beginning to grasp the repetition of patters. We began this game with an AB pattern. 

Why Work on Patterns with your Preschooler?

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, along with being asked to attend to precision.

Practice with patterns in preschool will help your children with these concepts listed above down the road. 


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Preschool Pattern Set Up:

  • Begin by creating boxes in horizontal rows. 
  • Color in each box with your AB pattern
  • Put the correct amount of Plus Plus pieces along side of each pattern

Important Tip for Preschool Patterns:

These dots were drawn to show my preschooler how to begin his pattern on the left and move to the right. 

Allow Your Preschooler to:

  • Begin and complete the pattern
  • As your preschooler put a matching color into the box, say aloud the color. This will help your preschooler begin to hear the AB repetition. "red, green, red, green..."

Extending Preschool Pattern Practice:

Is your preschooler on a roll? 

  • Draw extra uncolored boxes to the end of the pattern's row. 
  • Ask your preschooler, "which color do you think should come next?"

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