Paint a Puzzle

Paint a Puzzle

Paint a puzzle. Simple and engaging, right? 

We are surrounded with cardboard and I promise you it isn't every day that we are receiving new packages. Although that would be fun, it just isn't happening over here. Some may call it minimalism, others call it one income family. LOL - Regardless, we are swimming in cardboard. You as well?


Cardboard - You can use the box from the Amazon Affiliate links below once you purchase your supplies. 

Preschool paint a puzzle

Begin by taking a piece of cardboard and allow your preschooler and toddler to paint.

Keep in Mind: 

  • Stay close for this project. Preschoolers do love to mix colors and if the canvas becomes too brown, it will be difficult to put back together. 
  • Take your preschooler's masterpiece before they get "too" creative. 


  • Divide your painting in even amounts. 
  • Keep your cutting lines clean. This was more difficult for my preschooler to put back together than I had anticipated. 
Preschool Paint puzzle


  • This is a SUPER IMPORTANT STEP.  The puzzle will be a little more difficult than expected without it. 
  • This photo is a 5X8 and printed at CVS. - If you watch my Instastories, this will all make sense. 
Preschool paint a puzzle


  • Watch your preschooler put back their puzzle. 
  • Encourage your preschooler to problem solve by referring them back to the photo of the original painting.
preschool paint puzzle
paint a puzzle preschool

Remember! Take the painting away before too much color mixing. Here is an example of just a little too much mixing. 

Preschool paint puzzle

Have you tried this? Tag us on social media. All accounts are @dayswithgrey. 

Paint a puzzle.jpg







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