DIY Number Count Up

DIY Number Count Up

Recently, my mother in law brought us this large box of golf balls. This told me a couple of things:

preschool counting
  1. She is reading my blog and understands the importance of learning with "loose parts".
  2. She forgot what it was like to have 2 toddlers and 50 golf balls roaming around her kitchen floors as she tries to cook dinner... 

All kidding aside, the golf balls are being used and are such an excellent, tangible learning tool. 

Why Touch and Count?

What is so important about holding a physical object as your preschooler counts?

By Kindergarten, children must demonstrate when counting objects, that they say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object.

This is called rational countingRational counting is when objects or events are matched up with a number name. This helps build the concept of quantity

The Homemade Preschool Number Count Up Activity


preschool numbers
  • Begin by gathering golf balls, or any loose part objects and numbering 1-20.
  • Remember to chose the number range that your preschooler is ready for. For us, Grey has mastered 1-12 and is working on 13-20. I knew that if I began with 1-12, he would gain confidence for 13-20. 


  • I did not show my preschooler 13-20 until AFTER we finished 1-12.


  • Again, I wanted to begin where he can gain confidence and an understanding of the game. 
  • Number your egg cartons with the same sequence as the golf balls. 

Next, begin touching the golf balls, placing them in numerical order by counting forwards.

You preschooler may want to look at the golf balls first. Allow them to begin when they are ready. 

preschool counting

Finally, I added 13-20 and the count up activity continued.

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