A Fun Outdoor Game

A Fun Outdoor Game

Inside: A preschool sorting game for fine and gross motor skills.

Admittingly, when my middle child was almost 2, I realized that he did not yet recognize and correctly name common colors. 

How could this be?

For starters, he just wasn't ready to retain that information...YET! 

Remember, with toddlers and preschoolers, our job is to expose them to different skills with sticky activities. You can find 50+ fun activities such as this one on our Alphabet Activity Cards. 

Toddler and preschool activities are to be exciting learning opportunities.

We do not have a checklist.

It does not matter if Jenny down the road can already tie her shoes or if Billy can count to 40. 

What matters is that we share concepts that will act as a solid foundation for what is to come. 

You will love that this color sorting game combines fine and gross motor skills to get up and moving.

Preschool Color sorting


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The box I upcycled for this game.

I simply took a crayon and colored in each section. 

Color Sorting Game:

color sorting game for fine and gross motor development

Explain to your preschooler that on one side of the yard (or room), they will find the assorted pom poms. On the other side, they will find the box to sort them. 

Allow your preschooler to play with the tongs before you begin so they understand how to use them. 

Here, the tongs are being used for fine motor development which will help with handwriting and scissor skills.

The running back and forth is being used for gross motor development, which is helping strengthen the large muscles of their body. The movement also stimulates brain development! 

Challenge Option #1:

If the Pom Pom falls, send them back to try again! - Have fun with this. If your preschooler is having trouble with fine motor muscles, I wouldn't push it. I would only encourage this if it is playful for both of you. 

Challenge Option #2

Add a timer! 

Some children love to be timed. Tell your toddler/preschooler that you are setting the timer for TWO minutes. Have them predict how many they think they can sort before the timer rings! 

color sorting game

This Preschool Color Sorting Game is great for all ages! 

preschool color

Out of time to make this color sorting game? 

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