Pom Pom Dash and Sort

Pom Pom Dash and Sort

This preschool sorting game may just be one of my favorites. 

Admittingly, I recently realized that my youngest (almost 2) did not yet recognize and correctly name some common colors. 

How could this be?

For starters, I haven't done much color sorting with him.

Yup, it is true.

Even preschool activity bloggers drop the ball. Why is that? Because we are a MOM just like you and totally understand trying to find the to do certain activities.

Again, it is finding the balance between preschool education, and keeping our preschooler busy, right? 

Okay, back to this preschool color sorting activity.

Preschool Color sorting


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First listed, is the box I upcycled for this game. I simply took a crayon and colored in each section. *I did not make sure there was a box for each colored pom pom. I wanted to watch and see what happened when they came to me with a color not shown and what they would decide to do with it. 

How to Explain the Activity:

prescool colors

Explain to your preschooler that on one side they will find the assorted pom poms, and on the other side they will find the box to sort them. 

Allow your preschooler to play with the tongs before you begin so they understand how to use them. 

Challenge Option #1:

If the Pom Pom falls, send them back to try again! - Have fun with this. If your preschooler is having trouble with fine motor muscles, I wouldn't push it. I would only encourage this if it is playful for both of you. 

Challenge Option #2

Add a timer! 

I originally had planned to use my timer to see how many my preschoolers can sort in 2 minutes. However, Grey had a fever and I didn't want to push it. When we play again, I am sure he will enjoy the challenge of setting the timer. 

preschool colors

This Preschool Color Sorting Game is great for all ages! 

preschool color

Out of time to make this preschool color sorting game? 

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