Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School

This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School. I partnered with Goldfish Swim School to write this post in exchange of swim lessons for my boys. I am SO happy that I did. All opinions are my own, and I highly recommend their programs. Find the one nearest you here. 

One of the most important skills for my children to have is to know what to do if they fall into water. I want them to learn how to remain calm, along with understanding the skills of swimming, not just survival. Goldfish provides a brilliant combination of the two. 

From the moment my children walked into Goldfish Swim School, they were excited and interested in their experience. Goldfish prides themselves on not only teaching children to swim, but also teaching them lifesaving skills in the pool. Again, this is my ultimate goal! 

As a parent, I was welcomed with a warm staff and checklist that I could follow to track my children's swimming progress. Instructors also dedicate the last 5 minutes of each session to give parents a snapshot of progress. You can watch the entire swim lesson through glass windows, yet this is your child's time to shine and show you face to face what they CAN do. Yay! 

Goldfish Swim School also offers small class sizes and are VERY accommodating to fit your needs. 

Goldfish Swim school

My Needs:

As you know, I was 30+ weeks pregnant when we started. Personally, I was not prepared to dive into the pool! (Obviously, right?)

I have Grey (3 years) that was assigned to his own class. 

Hayes (22 months) that needed an adult to swim with. (Here is where we got creative) 

Goldfish not only provided me with other options, they also helped me feel comfortable with my decision. 

Solution One:

Goldfish Swim School is a great choice for parents and GRANDPARENTS! Together, my dad and Hayes met up at the pool to swim together. It was SUCH a bonding experience! 

Together, they would wait for their class to be called. Hayes was SO excited to meet up with his swim buddy every week for one on one instruction. Our instructor was always prepared, and knew what she wanted the parents and children to work on for their 30 minute session. 

Goldfish Swim School
Goldfish Swim School

Solution Two:

As the weeks went on, my dad had to go out of town, and Hayes was beginning to show progress.

I was so pleased that Goldfish Swim School offered a class for Hayes to begin working on his own with a personalized instructor. Although it was sad to see my dad and Hayes swim classes come to an end, we both were happy to see him advance. 

My Preschooler:

Truth be told, I am a stay at home mom for both of my children. This means ALL day (with the exception of a couple hours per week) it is the three of us.

Although we have created a strong bond, that bond also can come in the way of their independence. As a former teacher, I know how important it is for mom to walk away when there is a bit of separation anxiety. 

Again, Golffish Swim School reassured me that they could take care of my preschooler's tears.

Sure enough, my preschooler was smiling and swimming after just a couple of minutes. This is SO reassuring to a mom that wants their child to understand that it is okay to say good-bye to mom. Just as Daniel Tiger says, "Grown-ups do come back." 

Final Thoughts:

If you are  looking to increase your child's swimming skills, along with giving them some time to work in a small group setting, and gain independence, Goldfish Swim School is the place for you! 

Goldfish Swim School's dedicated staff helped both of my boys develop stronger swimming skills each week. 

Goldfish Swim School

Do you have your children in swim school?  

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