Primary Color Discoveries with Picasso Tiles

Primary Color Discoveries with Picasso Tiles

Some products scream to me, "You need these." 

Picasso Tiles is that product. 

Ever since we started using Picasso Tiles, there have been many different discoveries. However, this discovery is by far my favorite.

For this sponsored post, I worked closely with Picasso Tiles. Even before this post, Picasso Tiles have been used in our home and my preschooler cannot get enough. All opinions are my own and I highly recommend these magnetic tiles for yours. 

Invitations to explore can be silent set-ups that naturally engage a preschooler to play and discover.

This particular preschool activity explores the mixing of primary colors. 

By Kindergarten:

Children will be asked to ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood. - This exploration is a prefect way to generate predictions, hypothesis, and conclusions. 

The Set Up:

  • Begin by showing your preschooler the three primary color tiles red, blue and yellow. 
  • Allow your preschooler to look through each color.
  • TIP: It is helpful to look towards the window. 

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 Allow Your Preschool to Explore Each Primary Color.  

Preschool Primary Colors

Next, Explore the Color Combinations:

  • Prompt your preschooler's thinking. 
  • "What color do you think you will see if you look though red and blue?"
  • "What color do you think you will see if you combine blue and yellow?" 
  • "What color do you think you will see if you combine red and yellow?"
preschool colors

Full disclosure, my preschooler thought of this idea. The best discoveries are often made by the preschoolers themselves. A gentle reminder to sit back and watch what happens.

Sometimes watching your preschooler is more rewarding than taking a break. It is AMAZING what you will learn about your preschooler's personality. 

Want even more magnet tile uses? Check out this post from Munchkins and Moms! 

Do you have these tiles in your home? 

preschool colors
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