10 Toys We Love Right Now

10 Toys We Love Right Now

How many of you are in need of an awesome product this summer? 

I am talking, exploratory, hands on, and open-ended

Because outside is fun, until it really starts to heat up! Then, it is back inside after the pool to cool down in the AC.

What These Phrases Mean:


Encourages exploration. Does this roll? Stack? Attach? How can I make these two pieces fit together? Do they even go together? - you get the idea. 

Hands On:

Your preschool can actually feel the parts, and they move. Sometimes they have a fantastic texture. This will engage your preschooler's senses. 


There is no official start or end to the game. Preschoolers manipulate the object/objects endless amounts of ways. This encourages curiosity, creativity, and problem solving. 

One item I have listed are Picasso Tiles. See more on that activity here. 

The following suggestions are all Amazon Affiliate links. See more on my disclosure page what this means. (nothing extra for you) 

Here are our top 10 products that my preschool loves.

Along with a couple honorary mentions because there are just a couple I could not leave out. 

Okay, this last one is not open-ended. It is an honorable mention since my preschoolers love to play with it often.

We cannot leave out play dough! My preschooler's pick is to the left, and mine to the right. 

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Pom Pom Dash and Sort

Pom Pom Dash and Sort

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Create a Crafty Caterpillar