Create a Crafty Caterpillar

Create a Crafty Caterpillar

Have you read about our May Book Box featuring, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"?

I think I may have gotten carried away with this theme as you can view more here (May Book Box) and here (Count up activity using May's Book Box.)

Now let's chat for a second about process vs. product art. 

I am not your product crafter. 

I simply put out supplies for my preschooler with a general idea of the outcome. 

Really. It offers such an endless exploration for your preschooler and not to mention, it also offers mom a break. Being at home all day, this preschool activity can also be called, An Invitation to Give Mom a Minute.


There has to be a balance of integrating curriculum, and allowing your preschooler to explore and discover concepts on their own, using their own creativity. 

Preschool Process Art

Try to incorporate process-oriented art, rather than product-oriented art opportunities. 

Did you know that process-oriented art will:

  • Encourage self expression 
  • Release imagination and creativity 
  • Explores concepts such as space, lines, form, shapes, patterns, design and colors. (Just to mention a few!) 

This activity also allows your preschooler to practice with:

  • Fine motor grip
  • Problem solving - My preschooler was trying to stack the dry noodles 
  • Inquiry


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The Invitation to Create:

preschool process art

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Retell "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with May's Book Box

Retell "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with May's Book Box