Juggling Multiple Bedtimes

Juggling Multiple Bedtimes

I am going to let you in on a secret. 

Bedtime with a new baby just rocked my world. 


We go upstairs, brush our teeth, hop in the tent to read, and off to bed. 

That's it.

Easy, breezy and everyone is fast asleep before dark. Mom gets some "me time" and life is calm. (well, calmer. Is life after kids ever really calm?)

That is, all until our new baby boy arrived. 

Currently, I am over here trying to juggle which boy needs to be fed, brushed, bathed, changed, and read to just one more book ALL at the same time.  

How will I manage?! 

This post is sponsored by DockATot. I partnered with DockATot to write this post in exchange of the Deluxe Dock Silver Lining.  All opinions are my own.

This dock has been the answer to making the transition of bedtime a bit smoother. 

bedtime routine

Now, as I try to balance reading to the boys in the tent, I can also enjoy the fact that our newborn is safe and cozy right next to us. Will cozied right into his DockATot and continues to lay comfortably night after night. It is a lifesaver for a smoother transition into bedtime. 

Read more here about all the ways they meet safety standards. 

Did you also know that DockATot:


DockATot Black and White Arches

Will also loves to look up at DockATot's beautiful black and white arches. 

Which got me thinking...

I have learned that newborns see in black and white, but WHY and for how LONG? The following information was taken from the website of Bausch + Lomb.


Read more here. 

The First Three Months of Eye Development

Newborns can only focus about eight to 12 inches from their face, and they see only black, white and gray. As early as the first week, your baby begins to respond to movement and begins to focus on your face. Soon your baby will smile when you come close. This is an important sign that your baby sees and recognizes you – a joyful moment for any parent.

Over the next ten to 12 weeks, you will notice your baby following moving objects and recognizing things, especially toys and mobiles with bold, geometric patterns. As their color vision begins to develop, babies will see red first – they will see the full spectrum of colors by the time they reach three months of age.

I find this information fascinating and love that I can expose my newborn now to DockATot's beautiful black and white arches. 

How do you manage multiple bedtimes?

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