Quick and Easy Name Activities

Quick and Easy Name Activities


Earlier this week we began sharing Breakfast Invitations and how they can add some serenity to your usually chaotic morning. Read more about what they are and how they can calm your mornings here. 

You will also see loads Breakfast Invitations on our Instagram feed! In fact, you can find the complete SUPPLY LIST HERE. 

I love using Breakfast Invitations to distract, (I mean stimulate) my preschooler so I can have a minute to drink hot tea and wake up. - I am not a morning person, so this is a critical start to my day. 

In this post I will share 3 Breakfast Invitations that offer practice with name recognition.  You can continue to see more 10+ Name Games Post here. 

preschool alphabet


Here are 3 quick and easy setups to ease your into the morning routine. 

When I think of what makes a great Breakfast Invitation, I am thinking:

  • What do my preschoolers already know? 
  • Which loose parts do I have to add?
  • Do I want my preschoolers to work together or alone?

What You Will Need:

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Recycled Cardboard - Thank you, Amazon Prime 

1. First Initial Letter Matching 

Independent Activity

Write first initial on stones.

Write first initial on recycled cardboard.

Allow your preschoolers to sort for their Breakfast Invitation. 

preschool alphabet games

2. Continue to Sort the Letters 

Working Together Activity

Continue to use rocks from last activity.

Write First Initials on paper. 

I added a third letter to hear what my three year old would think/do with it. 

preschool alphabet

3. Build Your Name

Add rocks that represent each letter of your preschooler's name.

Write your preschooler's name on the paper. 

Draw boxes below for your preschooler to build their name below.

preschool name activity

Simple activities such as this can be found on our Alphabet Activity Cards and Breakfast Invitations.

See them here:

Alphabet Activity Cards

Breakfast Invitation Cards

Save with the bundle pack

Paperless PDF

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