Practice Prewriting with Movement

Practice Prewriting with Movement


Lately I have had a couple requests for writing activities. This preschool activity is great, because your child will be writing and MOVING

What do I mean? Well, for starters, check out the Stages of Writing. It all begins with lines. 

Do I need to mention this activity also got us out of the house? If you follow us, you know we are ALL home (Three kids under 4) during the day. -Some days move fast and some days I cannot keep them from bouncing off the walls and wrestling. oy!

You can see my solution to sanity is also by keeping our Alphabet Activity Cards close along with our Breakfast Invitations. Together over 75+ ideas for long days of summer! 

We LIVE for these simple outdoor activities to get some fresh air! Do we also need to mention the elephant in the room that our driveway could use a serious power washing?! 


Simple Set Up:

Grab some chalk. 

Draw some lines. 

I added stopping points and arrows for interest. (More what to do with these below under extensions)

Supply: (yes, only one supply!) 

Amazon Affiliate link:

preschool prewriting
preschool prewriting

How ELSE Does this Activity Help My Preschooler?

For one, it is FUN! - Most important. 

Gross Motor Development

Improve Coordination - balancing on a line

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to follow two step directions. Meaning, complete two tasks at one time. Read below how this gets integrated. 

Get Creative with Lines! 

preschool prewriting


Call out movement tasks at each stopping point.

  • Jump 5 times

  • Bark like a dog

  • Hop like a bunny to the next stopping point

  • Turn around and now walk backwards

No time to make this? Try these Amazon Affiliate games to get moving. 

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