Splash the Alphabet

Splash the Alphabet

You will love this alphabet activity. 

Your preschooler will love this alphabet activity. 

This activity may also end up in a gigantic water fight. 

You won't be disappointed. 

preschool alphabet

Why Begin to Discuss the Alphabet with your Preschooler?

By Kindergarten, children will also be asked to recognize (and print) upper- and lower case letters. 

You can begin to introduce this now.

And guess what? If your preschooler is uninterested, you can put it away. Preschool is all about exposing. Talk about the alphabet when your preschooler is willing. Learning right now (actually always) should be FUN! 


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preschool Alphabet

How to Play this Alphabet Water Game

Full disclosure my original plan was:

  • Close eyes
  • Pick a letter from the box
  • Squirt the letter you find

Plans Change. Because preschoolers like their own rules:

  • MOM closes her eyes to pick a letter
  • Grey calls out the letter
  • Grey squirts the letter
  • Game ends in a water fight

Remember the idea behind this is to begin exposing your preschoolers to the alphabet. Stay flexible. 

preschool alphabet
preschool alphabet

This is the perfect game for summer! 

preschool alphabet







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