Family Photo Maps

Family Photo Maps

"Mom, where does Mia live?" 

I have a three year old that loves maps. He is absolutely captivated by them. 

Now, while I am certain my three year old cannot (and developmentally should not) truly comprehend distance, I can confidently say that he understands a map's purpose. 

Photo maps are a great way to begin to discuss mapping skills.

Here, you are adding a personal connection to the activity by including familiar family members. 

map skills


By Kindergarten, children will be asked to know the difference between literature and informational text.

Maps are a form of informational text. 

Use this preschool time to show a variety of genres and explore the many different uses of print. 

This Photo Map is So Simple to Make! 


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  • Photos of family members and close friends


Share with your child where different family members and friends live.

Together, you and your preschooler can begin to discuss states and distance. Keep in mind, this is not a time for mastery. This is a time for exposure. You are exposing your preschooler to a map, and a map's purpose. Have fun with it! 

map skills


Here are some other familiar places we find maps:

  • When hiking, stop to read the maps on the trails.
  • When driving, talk about the GPS map in the car. 
  • When walking  share directional cues on where and when we will turn. Use the phrases, "We are taking a left", "Let's turn right into this parking lot".
  • Do I dare bring Diego and Dora into the mix? I should, because I give them lots of credit for exposing my preschoolers to early mapping skills. 

Where else can you find maps? Will you give this photo map idea a try?

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