Explore Process Art with Magic Chalk

Explore Process Art with Magic Chalk


You heard me right. Changes colors. Think primary color mix up. Blue and yellow? - Green. Red and yellow? - Orange. 

Her's the equation:

Magic + Preschoolers = Serious Entertainment 

My only disclaimer is that this activity does get messy. You may want to make sure some rain is coming following the magic chalk creations. 

For us, this messy activity was worth it. It has been a year since we first tried it and I still hear, "Remember that time we squirted colors on the driveway? Can we pleeeeeeeasseee do that again?"

You can also find this activity on our Alphabet Activity Cards.  

chalk art

How I made this for my boys was simple, but required a little set up.

The following is an Amazon Affiliate supply list:



Thanks to, Growing a Jeweled Rose, I followed her simple instructions on how to make this magic chalk.

See her post for detailed instructions. 

chalk art

What is My Preschooler Learning? 

  • Chemistry - Why is this happening? 
  • Inquiry - What will happen when we mix these two colors?
  • Fine Motor - Squeezing the bottles (helps with handwriting strength)
  • Predictions - I think I can make purple using these colors! 
  • Process Art 

You will also love how we used squirt bottles for this color mixing activity! 

chalk art

We LOVE activities with chalk!

Sometimes, we work on prewriting with movement using chalk, sometimes we use chalk to practice number sense, and other times we love chalk SO much, that we paint the entire wall using chalkboard paint. 

You will also LOVE this fizzy science experiment by Happily Ever Mom. 

Read it here. 

You can also make candy canes fizz! See here from Teaching Mama! 

introduce map skills with (1).jpg





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