Quick Set-Up Number Game For Your Preschooler

Quick Set-Up Number Game For Your Preschooler

Inside: Preschool sorting activity

Want more ways for your preschooler to play with Math?

To TRULY zone into key concepts by exploring, manipulating and organizing ideas?

To quickly set-up, with endless amounts of variation?


This preschool math game also makes a fantastic Breakfast Invitation


Preschool math games

I was so inspired by Unit One of Busy Toddler's Preschool Curriculum where she begins to discuss a five frame, that I created this math game to compliment it!

Number Concepts begin as early as two years old but counting. Counting is the memorization of a sequence. What we want our preschoolers to understand is that a number NAME is linked to a number QUANTITY. 

Here, we want our preschoolers to understand that the last object counted represents an entire set. You can count left to right, or mix them up. No matter what, the QUANTITY (amount) remains the same. 

Make this number game to develop:

  • number sense

  • grouping 

  • sorting

  • problem solving

By Kindergarten, children will be asked to classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count.

This preschool math game does all this!

preschool math game

Begin by:

  • Creating number blocks on your table. Here, I used painters tape. 
  • Find objects in your playroom (or on the floor in our case), to sort. 
  • Find one of one object, two of the same of another, three of the same for another object, etc. 
  • Place the objects in front of your preschooler and ask them to sort the objects by number amount

Try to stand back, and allow your preschooler to problem solve. 

Ask thinking questions such as:

  • WHich object do you see more than one of?
  • How many squares do we see together?
  • Is the pasta the same as the puzzle piece? If not, let's sort them into different piles. 


  • More than
  • Bigger than
  • Less than
  • Same as

Overwhelmed Preschooler?

Put it away. Come back to it another time. 

No Time to Make This? 

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preschool counting activity




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